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XSJS - Session API

In this article we will show you an XSJS example to demonstrate – How to get session details in XSJS service.
Note: To check all the examples on XSJS, read the article SAP HANA XSJS Examples


XSJS provides Session APIs to enables access to the SAP HANA XS session, for example, to determine the language used in the session or check if a user has the privileges required to run an application.

You can use the XS JavaScript $.session API to request and check information about the currently open sessions.
For example:
$.session.getUsername() à returns the user name of the logged-on database user.
$.session.language à returns user language

Now, let us see a detail example of $.session API.


Create an XSJS file and paste the below code.

var body = '';
    body = JSON.stringify({
        "session": [{
          //$.session.getUsername() - Returns the user name of the logged-on database user
          "UserName": $.session.getUsername(),
         //$.session.language - Contains an empty string unless a language is explicitly set by the XS session layer.
         "Language": $.session.language,
         //$.session.getInvocationCount() - Returns the number of requests sent to the current session
         "InvocationCount": $.session.getInvocationCount(),
         //$.session.hasSystemPrivilege(privilegeName) - Checks whether the logged-on user has a specified system privilege
         "HasCreateSchemaPrivilege": $.session.hasSystemPrivilege("CREATE SCHEMA"),
         //$.session.getSecurityToken() - Returns unique session-specific token that could be used for XSRF prevention
         "SecurityToken": $.session.getSecurityToken()
    $.response.contentType = 'application/json';
    $.response.status = $.net.http.OK;

Run XSJS Service:

Run the XSJS service and output will show the information as below:

Download Full Source Code:

Click here to download the full source code. Follow the steps mentioned in “How to Run.txt” to run it.


SAP HANA XS JavaScript Reference

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4 thoughts on “SAP HANA XSJS – Session API

  1. Nico van der Linden says:

    Great Stuff!!! One question though, is there also an option to check if the user has a specific role? So just something like the “/$.session.hasSystemPrivilege(privilegeName)” but then for an Hana role?

  2. Krishna says:

    Hello Mate,
    THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this!
    Hana log volume disk is full and i cannot start it. can i create symbolic link
    of hdb00001 to other location and restart it??
    In a transformation I am using a field AMDP routine.
    Here is the scenario:
    Let’s say this is the input data
    name1 | Vienna | TBW
    name 2 | Berlin | QBW
    name 3 | Budapest | PBW
    I want to select the name and city depending on the system name. when the system is TBW then select this, else select the first line.
    The field should be filled like this:
    name1 | Vienna | TBW
    name 2 | Berlin | QBW
    Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated.

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