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XSJS - XML Parser

In this article we will show you an XSJS example to demonstrate – How to parse XML in XSJS service.
Note: To check all the examples on XSJS, read the article SAP HANA XSJS Examples


The SAP HANA XS JavaScript Utilities API provides a class for XML parsing.

With the XS JavaScript Utilities API $.util.SAXParser class, you can create a new parser object and parse the XML content of an XMLstring, an XML array buffer, or a $.web.Body object.
The following example shows how to use the XML parsing capabiliites of the $.util.SAXParser class:


Create an XSJS file and paste the below code.

//create a new $.util.SAXParser object 
var parser = new $.util.SAXParser(); 
//parse XML from String 
var parser = new $.util.SAXParser(); 
var xml = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>\n' + 
           '<note noteName="Reminder Message">'+ 
               '<body>Do not forget the plan</body>'+ 
var startElementHandlerConcat = ""; 
var endElementHandlerConcat = ""; 
var characterDataHandlerConcat = ""; 
parser.startElementHandler = function(name, atts) { 
    startElementHandlerConcat += name; 
    if (name === "note") { 
        startElementHandlerConcat += " noteName = '" + atts.noteName + "'"; 
    startElementHandlerConcat += "\n"; 
parser.endElementHandler = function(name) { 
    endElementHandlerConcat += name + "\n"; 
parser.characterDataHandler = function(s) { 
    characterDataHandlerConcat += s; 
var body = 'Start: ' + startElementHandlerConcat + '</br>' + 
           'End: ' + endElementHandlerConcat + '</br>' + 
           'Charcter: ' + characterDataHandlerConcat + '</br>'; 
$.response.status = $.net.http.OK; 
$.response.contentType = "text/html"; 

Run XSJS Service:

Run the XSJS service and output will show the information as below:

Download Full Source Code:

Click here to download the full source code. Follow the steps mentioned in “How to Run.txt” to run it.

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