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Smart Data Access

One of main challenges that companies are facing today are
  • get information in real time to make quick decision on time
  • at the same time, we need to keep control over cost for IT and Technology.

Keeping Business need in view, SAP has introduce Smart Data Access in SAP HANA which is a Virtualization Technique. This feature is introduced from SPS6 in SAP HANA.

What is Smart Data Access?

SAP HANA smart data access enables remote data to be accessed via SQL queries as if they are local tables in HANA, without copying the data into SAP HANA.
Not only does this capability provide operational and cost benefits, but most importantly it supports the development and deployment of the next generation of analytical applications which require the ability to access and integrate data from multiple systems in real-time regardless of where the data is located or what systems are generating it.
Smart Data Access

Key Concept of SAP HANA Smart Data Access

Smart Data Access is a technology which enables remote data access as if they are local tables in HANA without copying data into SAP HANA.
It is based on local virtual tables that maps to an existing object at the remote data source site.
Smart Data Access
Data required from other sources will remain in virtual tables. Virtual tables will point to remote tables in different data sources. It will enable real time access to data regardless of its location and at same time, it will not affect SAP HANA database.
Customers can then write SQL queries in SAP HANA, which could operate on virtual tables. The HANA query processor optimizes these queries, and executes the relevant part of the query in the target database, returns the results of the query to HANA, and completes the operation.

Restrictions on usage of Smart Data Access:

  • Data in virtual tables cannot be modified i.e. insert, update and delete operations are not possible on virtual tables. However, we can do select on virtual table and put data in HANA table.
  • Virtual table does not support BLOB/CLOB data type. Workaround of this problem is to create view on remote table by excluding column of BLOB/CLOB type and then create virtual table with the help of view.
  • Virtual Tables cannot be used in multi node HANA cluster. However, it is possible to access virtual table from one HANA server to other.
  • Some analytical view does not support virtual tables.

Supported remote sources by SAP HANA smart data access

As of HANA SPS 11, following remote sources are supported
  • Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Teradata ver13,14, IBM DB2 LUW ver10.1
  • Sybase IQ: version 15.4 ESD#3 and 16.0
  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Service Enterprise: version 15.7 ESD#4
  • SAP Sybase ESP 5.1 SP04
  • Apache Hive 0.9.0. or higher and Simba HiveODBC driver
  • SAP HANA (BW on HANA, Suite on HANA)
  • SAP MII 15.0 (SAP Note 1984859)
  • Netezza ver7
  • MaxDB 7.9
  • Spark SQL

Refer to the SAP note 1868209 for more information on SAP HANA Smart Data Access.

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4 thoughts on “Smart Data Access

  1. kiranveeruru says:

    Thank u for these information,which is vvery useful

  2. Baseer says:

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks for the simple yet powerful explanation of HANA SDA.

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