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Smart Data Streaming

SAP HANA smart data streaming is an HANA optional component, available beginning with HANA SPS09
Smart data streaming is
  • a high speed, highly scalable real-time event stream processor
  • that provides the ability to process incoming information as fast as it arrives
  • capture useful information in the HANA database and monitor the incoming data to enable you to respond immediately, as things happen.

Streaming data sources are becoming ubiquitous

In an increasingly wired world, event streams are all around us, continuously sending information about what’s happening, as fast as things happen. Take just a few examples:
  • Smart devices - sensor readings
  • Scanners, RFID readers, beacons
  • Click streams from a web server
  • Prices – trades and quotes – from the financial markets
  • Social media: tweets, posts, check-ins
  • User actions in an application
  • Transactions and workflow events
  • IT systems logging events
In short, any device or application that produces information when things happen, or else to regularly report status, is a potential source for an event stream.
Smart Data Streaming

Event stream processing uses continuous queries

Smart Data Streaming

How Smart data streaming helps in Event Stream Processing

While access to all this information represents an opportunity, it also represents a challenge. Actually two challenges:
  • How to cope with this ever-growing stream – make that flood – of information
  • How to turn raw data into useful information – how to understand and act on the information before it’s too late
This is what’s often referred to as the “Velocity” aspect of Big Data. New data is constantly arriving – at high speed and in high volume – and you want to find the information buried in the noise. There’s value in understanding what’s happening as it happens. But how?
The answer: Smart Data Streaming.

  • Receive and process event streams from one source or thousands of sources
  • Process the data as fast as it arrives – even if that means hundreds of thousands or millions of events per second
  • Filter out the noise, according to simple, complex, or even dynamic criteria
  • Capture the useful data in the HANA database – in the optimal form
  • Apply continuous queries to monitor trends and correlations, watch for patterns or compute summary information
  • Generate alerts or initiate an immediate response
  • Continuously stream select information to live dashboards

Complex Event Processing

Consider the following situations:
  • Sensor data from equipment is monitored for trends or correlations that indicate a problem, alerting an operator to take immediate action before equipment damage occurs
  • A commodity pricing application continuously adjusts quoted prices in response to market conditions – where delays mean either lost business or lost profit.
  • IT system events are continuously monitored to watch for patterns that indicate a possible security threat
  • User actions on a web site are analyzed to determine the best offers to show, not just based on historical data for the user but also considering current context

These are just a few examples of the types of applications that can benefit from event stream processing, a type of complex event processing (CEP). The common denominator of these applications is that they share the need to continuously collect, process, and analyze data in real time, producing results without delay, even when the data arrives at very high rates. CEP technology analyzes incoming events in the context of other events as well as other available information, turning raw data into useful insight.

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One thought on “Smart Data Streaming

  1. Sravya says:

    How we can create a solution in hana studio to such complex scenario Using this smart data streaming..

    Please also show us the methods like u have explained us in flat file upload method

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