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Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP HANA

SAP HANA is one of the fastest growing products in SAP’s history and is viewed by the industry as a break through solution for in-memory databases. SAP HANA claims that it accelerates analytics and applications on a single, in-memory platform as well as combining databases, data processing, and application platform capabilities.

SAP HANA is a next-generation business platform which brings together
    • Business transactions
    • Advanced analytics
    • Social media
    • Mobile experience
    • Collaborative business
    • Design connections

You may be thinking, “So what?” or “How does this help my business?” or “How can SAP HANA help my company make more money?”
In this article, we look at what we consider to be the top 10 reasons why customers should choose SAP HANA.

1. Speed:

“The speed SAP HANA enables is sudden and significant, and has the potential to transform entire business models.”

SAP HANA manages massive data volume at high speeds.
It delivers the “real” real-time enterprise through the most advanced in-memory technology.
SAP HANA provides a foundation on which to build a new generation of applications, enabling customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source, in real time.
A live analysis by a consumer products company reveals how SAP HANA analyzes current point-of-sale data in real time—empowering this organization to review segmentation, merchandising, inventory management, and forecasting information at the speed of thought.

2. Real Time:

SAP HANA delivers the “real” real-time enterprise through the most advanced in-memory technology

Pull up-to-the-minute data from multiple sources. Evaluate options to balance financial, operational, and strategic goals based on today’s business

3. Any Data:

SAP HANA helps you to gain insights from structured and unstructured data.
SAP HANA  Structured and Unstructured Data
SAP HANA integrates structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, and can work on detailed data without aggregations.

4. Any Source:

SAP HANA provides multiple ways to load your data from existing data sources into SAP HANA.

SAP HANA can be integrated into a wide range of enterprise environments, allowing it to handle data from Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.

5. Insight - Unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis:

Before SAP HANA, analytics meant:
    • Preconfigured dashboards based on fixed business requirements.
    • Long wait times to produce custom reports.
    • Reactive views and an inability to define future expectations.
With SAP HANA, you can:
Quickly and easily create ad-hoc views without needing to know the data or query type - allowing you to formulate your actions based on deep insights

Receive quick reactions to newly articulated queries so you can innovate new processes and business models to outpace the competition.

Enable state-of-the-art, interactive analyses such as simulations and pattern recognition to create measurable, targeted actions.

6. Innovation - The ultimate platform for business innovation:

SAP HANA is an early innovator for in-memory computing. Its configurability, easy integration, and revolutionary capabilities make it flexible enough for virtually anything your business requires.

Some examples of this include:

Energy Management

Utility companies use SAP HANA to process and analyze vast amounts of data generated by smart meter technology, improving customers’ energy efficiency, and driving sustainability initiatives.
Real-time Transit Routing

SAP HANA is helping research firms calculate optimal driving routes using real-time GPS data transmitted from thousands of taxis.
Software Piracy Detection and Prevention

Tech companies use SAP HANA to analyze large volumes of complex data to gain business insights into software piracy, develop preventive strategies, and recover revenue.

7. Simplicity - Fewer layers, simpler landscape, lower cost:

Reduce or eliminate the data aggregation, indexing, mapping and exchange-transfer-load (ETL) needed in complex data warehouses and marts.

Incorporate prepackaged business logic, in-memory calculations and optimization for multicore 64-bit processors.

Spend less on real-time computing

8. Cloud:

Step up to one of the world’s most advanced clouds.
SAP HANA powers SAP’s next- generation enterprise cloud.


A single-location stack removes latency – enabling real-time collaboration, processing, and planning.

A highly robust cloud service allows quick deployment of current and next generation applications, scaled to your business needs.

We secure your data through the entire cloud solution with independently audited standards of data security and governance.

9. Cost:

SAP HANA reduces your total IT cost so you can increase spending on innovation.

10. Choice:

SAP HANA provides you choice at every layer to work with your preferred partners.

    • Run on the hardware of your choice.
    • Work with the software you prefer.
Collaboration with a number of partners means that SAP can complete the software stacks of our diverse customer base in configurations that make sense for their business.
Plus, a variety of different options means that you won’t be locked in by a single provider.

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP HANA

  1. jegatheesh says:

    sir ,where i can get sap hana database for trial version… reply as soon as fast…..

  2. Ashok Singh says:

    Best site found to know and learn about HANA ! The best thing is it free of cost. Knowledge doubles when you share and hence A Trillion Thanks to SAPHANATUTORIAL.COM

  3. Noor says:

    Dear Team,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful crisp information on HANA

    Thanks Again

  4. Pappu says:

    Dear Team,

    Nice doc. this doc. help me lot to get information about HANA.


  5. Satheesh c says:

    Really nice…now itself I am eagerly ready to learn SAP HANA…

  6. jerrine says:

    Hi, I have just started my career with Sap Businesses one. I want to learn SAP HANA but one of my colleage told me one should have 3 years exp to start career in HANA. Is it true and should I wait for 3 yrs exp in SAP B1? 🙂

    • Admin says:


      Yes, atleast 2+ yrs of experience is expected for a candidate. But, there are small companies or startup companies where a professional with experience less than a year, or in some scenarios where a job applicant is found to be a potential candidate by the interview panel, he/she would get selected. For freshers , an SAP HANA Certification, a little exposure in SAP HANA Cloud could help to crack a job.

      But, yes the above mentioned scenarios are not quite common.


  7. W says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am mysql DBA/Developer, Having 6+ years of experience .I’m looking into path in SAP Hana.

    Could you suggest me..
    How it is good? And my decessions is correct or not?

    Thank you.

  8. narendra says:

    is it required SAP HANA certification?

    • Admin says:


      Not always, if you have legitimate real time experience then it is not that important.
      But, for a fresher or a professional starting from the scratch, an SAP HANA certification would act as a proof of your knowledge on HANA.


  9. sylvester says:

    This is the most useful insights on HANA. How do i get access to server and training?

    • Admin says:


      Thanks for the appreciation, all the online courses offered by us are already available at free of cost, open to all.
      You may google for SAP HANA Servers , for Cloud access SAP is providing both trial account and paid account.

      You also could email us at “”


  10. Hemanthkumar says:

    Which i learn hana admin or develop
    I am computer science background

    • Admin says:


      Both of them are well demanding, you cold choose either of them.
      If you are interested in Java, then learning Hadoop would be easier.


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