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What is SAP HANA Vora ? Why has it become important?
SAP HANA Vora is an In-Memory query engine which runs on Apache Spark framework to analyze and process Big Data stored in Hadoop. Now. It is a definition which might confuse you, and obviously it did . So, starting with the fact of Big Data, all the information created on social media, product feedback, user suggestions and discussion on a website is a complex form of data, by analyzing those companies could take better decisions. That's why everybody is considering about processing that unstructured form of information. Hadoop framework is invented to analyze and process the unstructured data i.e. Big Data . Now, all this data would be stored and fetched from disks, so here some boost up could be used with the power of In-Memory of SAP HANA. Now, coming to the initial point of discussion, SAP HANA Vora , the In-Memory query engine provides the privilege to run in-memory queries which speeds up whole data processing step. In short , it accelerates OLAP analysis.
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5 thoughts on “What is SAP HANA Vora ? Why has it become important?

  1. Sagar says:

    Dear Author,

    Apache spark has in memory computing capability then why do we need to use extra engine HANAVORA which is running on top of Hadoop stack , where does HANA play a big role in the scenario

    • Admin says:

      Hello Sagar,

      Thanks for the comment , great question.

      HANA Vora runs on Spark to bring big data analysis processing on SAP HANA System, need of Vora comes when the compatibility question rises in between SAP HANA and Hadoop, it serves the purpose as a mediator , Spark is not well compatible with HANA Systems and HANA Clouds, so SAP built something which follows the Spark framework and also have HANA Adapters for data connectivity.

      Although, this is not the only reason it is brought up by SAP, there are other enhancements , we will post articles on SAP HANA Vora.

      Thanks for being with us.


  2. Srikanth says:

    Hello Admin – Thanks for the information. In the above example, you have mentioned that HANA Vora works as a mediator in the Spark framework. Could you please give a few other examples on the use cases of HANA Vora.

    • Admin says:

      The Vora was intended to serve the purpose of In-Memory Query execution from SAP HANA side and also could be a bridge between HANA & Hadoop.
      The vision is to meet IoT requirements, data fed from sensors and came to SAP HANA, now the problem is in-depth analysis and faster analysis.

      Real Time Example could be a flight flying and found some issues while on the fly, its sensors sent some data to SAP HANA Cloud,
      now the analysis has to be faster and in-depth, cause it’s a critical scenario, in-depth (BigData part) part could be achieved by Hadoop, faster part could be achieved by in-memory architecture of SAP HANA, also SAP HANA Hardwares are not normal hardwares, the servers are designed for mission critical scenarios, to run faster in layman’s term.

      And, other important fact is some details of components of the flight only could be stored in ERP applications which could be communicated better by SAP HANA. So, to solve this scenario , both HANA and Hadoop are needed, so Vora as in-memory query engine from SAP HANA side helps to access data from hadoop and process some of them on-the fly in faster fashion.

      There is another component exists in the end to end IoT services, which is called SAP SQL Anywhere it’s the bridge in between sensor gateways side and SAP HANA Cloud system, not mentioning in details it could confuse you more.

      So, yes IoT is one of big purposes where SAP HANA Vora would serve efficiently, this is the bigger picture. 🙂


  3. Lokesh Ceeba says:

    How do you compare with IGFS (Ignite File System) on top of HDFS offering from Gridgrain In Memory solution. (IMDC/IMDG)
    That has OLTP+OLAP – HTAP framework that works on DRAM Cache.

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