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What is S/4 HANA? Why S/4 HANA?
SAP HANA on IBM Power system could make a big difference in processing Big Data
STILL's cubeXX, an Interactive Robot, is powered by SAP HANA
What is S/4 HANA? Why S/4 HANA?
S/4 HANA is the new generation business suite offered by SAP to make business processes more effective. In today's world, making right decisions has become a complex procedure, massive amount of data is generated by a big company on daily basis , understanding those information on real time is quite important to achieve the success. S/4 HANA is launched to address the recent business scenarios and is designed to speed up the business processes.
SAP is well known for its ERP applications which drive the business of most of the big companies efficiently. S/4 HANA is launched as the new face of ERP business suite to accommodate the new trend where processing big data is an integral part of the business. The suite is designed to run effectively on SAP HANA in-memory database which empowers the users to extract real time data insight instantly. Also, the predictive analysis property of HANA drives business in right direction by helping to take right decision at right time. Besides, as the traditional database concept is remodeled through the invention of SAP HANA database, why to keep the old ERP in the new business scenarios, so it's rewired into a new business suite i.e S/4 HANA.
Internet of Things is the next big thing , it's going to be utilized in all the industries to make the physical equipments optimized by microcontrollers where sensors would transmit data to a computing system to analyze the data. This is the future of next generation industries. The data received from sensors needs to be processed in real time, SAP HANA platform is designed to deal with this and S/4 HANA running on SAP HANA would make it perfect choice for next generation business trends.
Not only processing big data or ability of dealing with IoT, SAP HANA platform is capable of providing the flexibility of UX (User Experience) design to the UI developers thus they could build user apps, dashboard, analytic interfaces etc in no time with the use of SAP Fiori . This would make the tools accessible across a wide range of devices from smart phone to desktops.
Last but not the least, S/4 HANA is deployable on cloud from where it could be accessible from anywhere. Business users can access their applications running inside S/4 HANA suite from any device. Also, business process and information would be stored in a secure place. The suite also could be installed on-promise or with hybrid scenario (both cloud and on-premise) which provides more flexibility to business organizations.
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4 thoughts on “What is S/4 HANA? Why S/4 HANA?

  1. Mahesh says:

    very good tutorials… can you provide tutorials regarding the S4/HANA

    • Admin says:


      We are working on a plan where we would launch Advanced Courses on SAP HANA, S/4 HANA would be a part of this.


  2. hemant says:

    hi i like the post

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