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Hadoop App
Tutorial App on SAP HANA
This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to HANA Lovers.

It contains
1. Courses on SAP HANA - Basics, Modeling and Administration
2. Multiple Quizzes on Overview, Modelling, Architeture, and Administration
3. Most popular articles on SAP HANA
4. Series of Interview questions to brushup your HANA skills
Tutorial App on Hadoop
This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

It contains
1. Courses on Hadoop - Basics and Advanced
2. Multiple Quizzes on Basics, MapReduce and HDFS
3. Most popular articles on Hadoop
4. Series of Interview questions to brushup your skills
Hadoop App
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Master of Business by Victoria helps you to be an SAP Business Consultant
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Master of Business offered by Victoria University, Melbourne can help you to opt for SAP Business Consultant job role
2 yrs full time Master of Business program offered by Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia) is designed to fit to current trend of ERP. The program has a concentration for Enterprise Resource Planning which is emphasized with SAP R/3 .
The course tuition fee would be approximately $ 55,000 for the complete full time program. In that program, students will be taught about SAP solutions which would include Business Information Warehouse, Business Objects , BI, CRM, Advance planner and optimizer, Solution Manager and NetWeaver Components. Moreover, hands-on learning experience could be gathered by the students thus they could have a better understanding while studying the ERP subjects.

What would be the Career after the Completion of Study ?

All SAP Business Applications are getting faster day by day as SAP HANA (In-Memory Database) is evolving everyday. Business needs to process data faster which is now happening with the presence of SAP HANA. Companies and Industries are choosing SAP Business Suite powered by HANA. As a result, new trend in job market has come up. ERP analysts, Business Software Manager and SAP Business Consultant all these job roles have become trending and well demanding .
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