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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

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Should I learn HANA or Hadoop ?
Both , SAP HANA and Hadoop has become trending technology nowadays. So, obviously there is a reason to be confused with which path should I choose.
Now, the answer of what you should choose always depends upon the experience already you possess.

Are you a Fresher ? Any of these two will work fine .

If you are fresher , don't have industry experience, you can choose any of these two, both are well trending and has a great future, it really doesn't matter. Whether it would be Hadoop or HANA , learning any of these two can boost your career, cause you are starting from a scratch .

Already worked in one of SAP Modules or BW or BI?

Then the choice could be SAP HANA. Cause, all SAP applications and modules will be connected to SAP HANA database to store data. So, it always would provide an edge to your career.

Already has an experience in Distributed Computing ? Know MapReduce ?

A software developer experienced in distributed computing and clustering could learn Hadoop. A working professional or freelancer software developer worked in MapReduce concept OR a consultant who wants a business solution for his/her clients to process complex data known as Big Data could look for Hadoop. But, ofcourse a developer and consultant would need to know different aspects of Hadoop , one is technical and other one is overview to find solutions in business.

Already having Java Experiences ? Go for Hadoop

Experienced professionals in Java are mostly encouraged in Hadoop. Ofcourse, there is no hard rule about it. But, yes if you have java experience , you could enjoy the journey of learning Hadoop and also have a great exposure to this big framework. By the way, Hadoop is designed in Java.

More interested in DBMS concept? Choose SAP HANA

Are you more passionate about DBMS concept and how does it work ? What could be next generation Databases ? All these are interesting for you ? Then, go for SAP HANA. The In-Memory database architecture would amaze you.
Now, "Which path should I choose ? " is mostly dependent upon your interest , if you are not sure what's your interest , then just jump for any of these two, both are promising. Hadoop is the one which would a great solution for big data and whereas SAP HANA would serve the faster processing of data in DBMS structure with the help of In-Memory data storing capability.
Your professional background will be a helping agent , a catalyst in your learning curve. We tried to pull up some scenarios to help you to decide which one you might choose. You may email us at or can contact us using the contact-us form available at the following link.
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3 thoughts on “Should I learn HANA or Hadoop ?

  1. kiran says:

    Hi Team,

    I have around 9 years of experience in end user computing (Application Packaging and Software Distribution using Microsoft SCCM tool). This comes under Infrastructure services\Support where in we deal with Creating Wrappers for applications and distributing them remotely to end users. If any issues with applications we will be providing support as well. So I don’t fall completely under System Administration and not completely into Application Support but my role overlaps both. My next career path would be moving as SCCM admin or be in the application virtualization side (Citrix or VMware). from the coding side I worked on Vb Scripting and AutoIT Scripting to Automate tasks or customize the user settings.

    I want to move to the SAP HANA now….so not sure which will be the right path to choose. Whether HANA Admin or HANA Modeler? Please suggest so that I can take the right step. Thanks.



    I have 2 years experience in software, I am an ETL developer ,have full fledged knowledge on Tableau. Will HANA help me in my future and getting High pay

  3. Bala says:

    Your blog has very good content and I reached this page where most people think if they should get into HANA or Hadoop.
    I am an ABAP developer trying to get into Big data technologies, obviously HANA is the only platform where I have little knowledge since I am working on SAP.
    So, my question is.. Is getting into HANA is more easy for Database, BI developers only?

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