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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to HANA Lovers.

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Tutorial App on Hadoop
This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

It contains
1. Courses on Hadoop - Basics and Advanced
2. Multiple Quizzes on Basics, MapReduce and HDFS
3. Most popular articles on Hadoop
4. Series of Interview questions to brushup your skills
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What's new in SAP HANA SPS 10 Revision 100 ?
New features in Installation, Security, Administration, Data Provisioning are included in SPS 10 Revision 100 of SAP HANA.

1) Changes in Advanced Data Processing

Text mining now could be done using SQL functions. In the current revision , you could use "TM_GET_RELATED_TERMS" to find out top ranked terms which is related to current term used for the text mining. In the same way , "TM_GET_RELATED_DOCUMENTS" SQL function is for finding our top ranked documents related to the current document. Not only that, through the SQL functions a set of documents could be categorized.

2) Changes in Dynamic Tiering

A new group of audit actions is added in this revision. You can perform audit on extended storage using the audit action group "SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering" . This release of SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering could be installed an SAP HANA System with multi-tenant database mode and ofcourse each tenant database with dynamic tiering requires its own dedicated dynamic tiering host. Automatic failover is working in this revision, it is initiated when the dynamic tiering worker and standby hosts are allocated to the same high availability group. If they are assigned to different groups, then also failover could be triggered through a manual process. Users could change the assigned group names using SAP HANA Studio.

3) Changes in Enterprise Information Management

Three new pre-delivered data provisioning data adapters are added in the Revision 100 and they are SAP ASE , Teradata and SAP HANA. Using these adapters , you could write back to a virtual table using Data Sink node in a flowgraph, applicable for some remote resources. DDL changes from remote sources are propagated to SAP HANA in real time.

4) Changes in Real Time Replication

Without defining table ranges, generic parallel replication of a table is possible using the replication scenarios - via ODP framework , into PSA Storage , into SAP DB Schema , into a SAP ABAP-based system (table based) , a SAP ABAP-based system into the Application layer . Now, syntax checking of rule definitions could be done while doing the replication, this has come as an advanced replication setting.

5) Changes in Smart Data Streaming

Creation of dedicated SAP HANA Service in the smart data streaming is introduces as a new feature to simplify the connections to SAP HANA Databases. To create the dedicated service , you need to create ODBC service before you want to enable it for SAP HANA. Smart data streaming server you want to connect also needs to be of the version SPS10 or later.
There are many more enhancements and new additions are done in SPS10, it could not be demonstrated in a topic , each point could make a complete article, We tried to be brief and to show some glimpse of it.
Reference : Help.SAP.COM
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One thought on “What’s new in SPS10 , Revision 100 ?

  1. Anil Dichpally says:

    Dear Sir,
    We have below requirement please help us with documentation.

    We are planning to upgrade our present HANA D.B from SP06 revision 69 to SP11 revision 110.
    And require solution document for the same, please help us on it.

    Anil D

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