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Want To Learn SAP HANA. Where To Start?
It's obvious to get confused about where to start and which direction should be chosen as a career path in SAP HANA. It's an in-memory database technology, it's not like any other SAP ERP module, not only just a database it has gone beyond that, now it has become an in-memory platform with cloud aspects, also could process big data. So, for a professional several paths to follow, if you are a fresher who wants to learn SAP HANA from the scratch, we recommend you to start with the basics i.e. fundamental aspects of SAP HANA, then afterwards you would be able to choose which path looks more interesting to you. And, there is no prerequisite for learning SAP HANA, anybody could choose it as a career path.
The course is completely free, it's open to all, you could browse through the topics discussed on the course. For any technical query or other queries, you might contact us. Also, you could send emails to us at " ".
Want to do some hands-on? Get trial access in SAP HANA Cloud Platform offered by SAP.
Moreover, we have other online courses regarding SAP HANA. They are also open to all, freely accessible.
In case, you are wondering whether SAP HANA is well demanding or not, we would suggest you to go through the job section where we discussed topics like "Why customers are choosing SAP HANA?", "How's the payscale?" and recent jobs. In recent job articles, you could find list of most recent jobs in specific Indian cities and other locations.
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One thought on “Want To Learn SAP HANA. Where To Start?

  1. SWAT says:

    There are two scopes for sap HANA. One is HANA development and one is HANA ADMIN.Now for HANA development eligibility is atleast 6 months to one year experiance in ABAP development or Candidate should have knowledge of SAP BI or BO.
    For HANA ADMIN candidate should have knowledge and experiance in SAP BASIS for atleast 6 months to 1 year.
    He can just get training in HANA Devlopment or ADMIN and apply for the jobs. there are many institutes they provides SAP HANA training & placement support also

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