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What is SAP Fiori Cloud Edition

SAP Fiori cloud edition is one of main HANA Cloud Platform services SAP is providing. It was made generally available (GA) at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

SAP Fiori cloud edition is pretty much exactly what it says it is - it's Fiori, in the cloud. It provides customers more consistency and easier deployment options of applications based on Fiori.

With Fiori cloud edition, SAP customers can take their on-premise Fiori apps and make them easily accessible in the cloud.

How exactly SAP Fiori Cloud Edition can help customers?

SAP Fiori provides a collection of useful apps. Earlier (before cloud edition), you need to install a number of components to get those apps. The components are

SAP Gateway – to provide backend OData service

SAP UI Add-On for NetWeaver - to provide the infrastructure for Fiori - the Launchpad and related shell services, the UI5 runtime etc.

In addition, the Fiori apps you choose to implement must be installed.
So to get started with Fiori, you need to install, configure and maintain several systems which comes with capital and expense costs.

With SAP Fiori Cloud Edition, this requirement goes away. You don't need to install or maintain the apps.  The entire Fiori infrastructure, including the Launchpad, the UI5 runtime, and the Fiori apps themselves, are provided as part of this cloud service.

Features and Benefit of SAP Fiori Cloud Edition

With SAP Fiori Cloud, customers can:
  • Run SAP Fiori apps in the cloud connected to their existing SAP Business Suite systems 
  • Extend and customize SAP Fiori apps with SAP Web IDE
  • Develop customer specific apps following the SAP Fiori design 
  • Provide a role-based, personalized and multichannel entry point with SAP Fiori launchpad 
  • Customize the look & feel of the SAP Fiori apps and the launchpad with SAP UI theme designer 
  • Retrieve business data from SAP Business Suite system via SAP HANA Cloud Platform, OData provisioning service

How can I try SAP Fiori Cloud Edition?

SAP Fiori Cloud is delivered in two editions:
SAP Fiori Cloud demo – provides customers the opportunity to explore, extend and brand SAP Fiori via a selected number of applications across Line of Business.
It's definitely worth exploring, especially as there's no direct cost associated with that.
SAP Fiori Cloud – allows customer to run SAP Fiori on the cloud for productive use. It is delivered with a selected number of SAP Fiori apps across Lines of Business covering the most frequently and commonly used use-cases.

Fiori trials and demos are available here. You can go to Fiori Cloud Demo and check sample Fiori applications.
What is Fiori

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