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SAPUI5 Overview
SAP Fiori Overview
SAPUI5 Basic Concepts
Data Binding and Model

Introduction to SAPUI5 and MVC Architecture

In previous article Prerequisite for SAPUI5 and Fiori - Career Scope and Future Growth, we explained the prerequisites and career scope of SAPUI5 and Fiori.
Now, let us get started and learn this technology. In this article, we will explain what SAPUI5 is and how it works.

In simple words - SAPUI5 is a collection of libraries that developers can use to build desktop and mobile applications that run in a browser.
SAPUI5 combines latest web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS into a toolkit. It can be used for building Web applications on the SAP platform.
What is SAPUI5  

Why should we pick SAPUI5 for web development?

You might think that there are plenty of other libraries, so why care? Truth is there are lots of reason and benefit to use SAPUI5.
Cross-platform Support
Apps built using SAPUI5 are responsive across browsers and devices - they run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The UI controls automatically adapt themselves to the capabilities of each device.

SAPUI5 provides large number of UI controls
SAPUI5 provides lots of controls ranging from simple Button to complex Containers. It provide support for accessibility, keyboard navigation, touch interaction, right-to-left languages etc. out of the box. Different visual themes are also available.
SAPUI5 Controls can easily be extended
SAP has customized and build their own UI components (Controls, Layouts, etc.). This framework is having extensible feature, so that we can extend, control and define our own custom controls.
A feature-rich core
SAPUI5 provides a feature-rich core. It supports and provides
  • Data binding and models for different data sources
  • Data binding and models for different data sources
  • Model-View-Controller concept
  • Automatic loading of the appropriate language resources
  • And many other features

Model View Controller (MVC) Concept in SAPUI5

SAPUI5 supports the Model View Controller (MVC) concept - a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces.
The MVC concept is used to separate the representation of information from the user interaction. This separation facilitates development and the changing of parts independently.
What is SAPUI5  
Model, view, and controller are assigned the following roles:
The view is responsible for defining and rendering the UI.
The model manages the application data.
The controller reacts to view events and user interaction by modifying the view and model.
The below diagram will make it more clear.
What is SAPUI5  
MVC concept provides following advantages:
It provides better readability, maintainability, and extensibility and it allows you to change the view without touching the underlying business logic and to define several views of the same data.
Views and controllers often form a 1:1 relationship, but it is also possible to have controllers without a UI, these controllers are called application controllers. It is also possible to create views without controllers. From a technical position, a view is a SAPUI5 control and can have or inherit a SAPUI5 model. 

What’s next?

Learn more about SAPUI5 and create your own SAPUI5 application by following below articles.

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3 thoughts on “What is SAPUI5

  1. KAmlakar singh says:

    Thanks for sharing such informative article.

  2. Keerti Gandham says:

    Clarified most of my doubts ..thx

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